Our Firm

We have a mission to support challenge & endeavor of our clients, fight together in front of a crisis.

Mr. Kokubo had been engaged in various investments and fundraising activities since 2009 as an investment professional of Integral Corporation, a Tokyo-based reputable PE investment firm with a prominent track record like Skymark Airlines, etc.

With such experience and continuous business relationship, Mr. Kokubo founded the law office with strong creed to support “a spirit of challenge” of corporations, business managers, and entrepreneurs.

We assist our clients’ exciting challenge, business expansion & creation, taking full advantage of our network with operating companies, banks, security companies, investment firms, lawyers, CPAs, tax attorneys, Shiho-shoshi (Solicitor) and strategy consulting firms, etc. We act for our clients’ forewarned & forearmed with confident quality & speed.


8F, 1-5-15 Hirakawacho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093 Japan
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